Why CC Holdings?

Brand focus on healthy, active lifestyle

CC Holdings’ unique market niche offers healthy, casual food brands in non-traditional locations. We partner with our clients to offer healthy food choices with the overall goal of improving the health and wellbeing of the people we serve—including the staff and employees of the campuses where we are located.

Designed to meet the needs of the communities we serve, our restaurants provide busy workers, travelers, patients, students, guests, and more with tasty, healthy meals you can take with you or sit down to relax and eat in our restaurant.

Committed to growth

Since our beginnings as a single coffee bar in 1992, CC Holdings has expanded operations to 13 restaurant locations in Carmel and Indianapolis, Indiana. Area development agreements for various brands within a multi-state region include Coffee Zon Café, and Nature’s Table restaurants. With 150 employees, we are a certified DBE/WBE in the City of Indianapolis and State of Indiana.

With our mix-and-match capabilities from multiple brands, CC Holdings offers greater food variety and flexibility in its fresh food offerings than just a single vendor and can respond quickly and nimbly to clients’ special requests and needs.

Experts in unique locations

Intentionally situated within health care systems, airports, government centers, and university and corporate campuses, CC Holdings utilizes freestanding or in-house facilities, such as kiosks or built-in stores, working side-by-side with and complementing the offerings of existing restaurants, cafeterias, and contracted food vendors.

CC Holdings’ flexible menu offers hot and cold or cold-only food prep, depending on need, and our commissary facilities deliver fresh-baked food product for our market locations daily by 6:00 a.m.


CC Holdings Nature's Table | Working The Food Line

CC Holdings has 13 restaurant locations in Carmel and Indianapolis, Indiana, serving locally roasted coffees and healthy, fast-casual food for people on the go.