Where to find us

Growing our footprint

CC Holdings currently owns and operates a total of 13 restaurants in central Indiana. Our expertise is in operating restaurant brands within non-traditional, unique environments.

You’ll find us:

  • within health care systems
  • on corporate campuses
  • in government centers
  • on university campuses
  • in airports

Flexible setup

We operate our Coffee Zon brand in several locations within the Lilly corporate campus, while we own and operate multiple brands in locations such as the Indianapolis International Airport, Indiana Government Center, and IU Health.

With an area development agreement in place to expand the presence of Nature’s Table restaurants, we have also increased the number of our Coffee Zon Cafés in corporate settings. And we introduced FUZION by Coffee Zon as our high-end coffee experience.

At the Indianapolis International Airport, CC Holdings owns and operates the fast-casual healthy food brand, Nature’s Table. 

Economies of scale

Complementing the offerings of other restaurants, cafeterias and food vendors within the same locales, we’ve created economies of scale that ensure profitability. Our mix-and-match capabilities from multiple brand menus, plus a local commissary producing fresh-baked goods daily, provide greater variety and flexibility in food offerings while allowing us to respond with speed and flexibility to unique requests.

CC Holdings | Nature's Table and its friendly, welcoming staff